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everyone has there opinion as to what is the best all around gun and why. but what if the choices were not made due to personal likes but on real world situations. so i'll send you all to a remote location where the terrain is like my native north geaorgia mountains, the weather similarly mild, and the natives aren't hostile but don't trust you. Now what type of weapons would you choose to have knowing survival is a must, combat is a real possibility, and you do not have the luxury of calling in a resupply or running out to your local 7-11. don't take this one too seriously, it's just another one of those what if things everyone keeps asking about. have fun.
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Would have to be my DWA 357 and of course my Mauser sporter 7x57. (what no high cap with 24rnds or AK 47 with 50rnd drum?) Don't need um, I choose my shots carefully and place them effectively, why squander ammo.:smokin:
two key traits of an effective warrior are self dicipline and being effective with ones chosen weapon.
An idiot with an M60 is far less effective than a sniper with a bolt gun!:rolleyes:
Re: says a typical bser. Once you start

andy said:
getting shot at, you are either going to just hide and die, or you are going to use those pos to take an M16 from somebody.
Spent 7 years repairing M16's for the Army, They're called Jammin Jenny for a reason.:toilet:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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