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I haven't used a chronograph for quite a while, and am pretty sure I didn't have a very good one. Got a Chrony at a good price, and figured it was worth playing around with for that kind of money.

But how do you know if it is accurate or not? Didn't seem to register every shot and the directions said to have it rather far away from the muzzle to keep the chronograph from clocking unburned powder particles. The arms were rather narrowly spaced, and I honestly was rather nervous I was going to hit the darned thing. All it would take is one flinch and the thing would have been history.

I did find out that you really shouldn't shoot sabooted rounds through it either..... That plastic sabot is no laughing matter if it hits something at 10 feet or so. Ask my Chrony about it.....

That was quite a while ago, of course, so I assume technology has had some rather large advances since then. But I assume they still haven't made one bullet proof, so due care is in order. I would think the more expensive the unit is, the more likely you are to shoot the thing accidentally.

Murphy's Law works like that.
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