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A while back, the wife and I were watching the Arnie movie called "Collateral Damage." If you have seen this movie you'll remember that there were a lot of terrorist bombings, all of which were set off remotely using cell phones. Well I was thinking, watching the movie that the obvious answer to the terrorist problem would be to just ban all cell phones. End of problem.

Well I started carrying that thought even further, and I realized that Wakulla County, Florida is basically terrorist proof. I can see it now. Some poor terrorist cell, not realizing this fact, would be putting the finishing touches on their bomb to take out the Crawfordville courthouse. They would hook up the cell phone trigger and be wiping the sweat from their hands when KABOOM!!!

Meanwhile down the street, Bubba Crum wouldn't even realize that the noise he heard off in the distance was him saving the courthouse when he dialed the wrong number trying to reach Thelma Lou.

It's gotten to the point that if the phone rings, and it is a local exchange, I don't even bother to answer it any longer.

I remember once I was calling some guy about coming in for a job interview. His roommate gave me a number where he thought he could be reached. He says, "If that doesn't work, try a '3' or a '9' at the end of it instead of the '2'." :nuts:

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Beepers would work too, as would the new FRS raidos on their own "secure channel". There will always be a way. That is a fact of life.

The only way I see to stop it is at the source, in the schools in the middle east countries that allow that type of garbage.

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