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Colt 1991

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I know Colt Inc. Has not shown us too much lately, but I got a chance to shoot a Colt 1991 .45 ACP a couple weeks back, and was impressed. A back to the "Basics" type gun, trigger pull so-so, but 3.5" at 25 yards was pretty good. It fired up two boxes of Winchester white box and two magazines of Golden Sabre with no problem. Better than some Kimber's. Seems like a winner. Anyone else shot it?
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why bother? overpriced, heavy, too big, and not nearly as well set up as a "fully loaded" Spld is.
They're nice guns for those who don't want all the bells and whistles the gun rags say you must have. People piss and moan about the firing pin safety, but it's liveable. It's price isn't too out of whack, considering it's not Brazilian pot metal like springfield's Mil-Specs are. For a "basic" 1911, it's hard to do better, since the series 70's are a lot more expensive, basically paying for the polish job.
The Spld's serve well, for people who shoot a LOT more than you bozos do. It's STUPID to be without all the mods, since you need them for top performance, and if you have a smith add them later, they will cost you $500+, and if you sell it, you wont get as MUCH for the smithed version as you wouldfor the "fully loaded" Spld. A used, fully-loaded Spld, especially the alloy framed compact,is the best handgun bargain ever,if under $500. More gun for your money than anything else.
Yep ole Andy knows quality when he see's it. :laugh01:


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Omigosh! That is a Springfield.

Rika- Yes it is. I got this pic off of the High Road. I don't remember all of the specifics but ,IIRC, this happened to about 5 of this particular model going by what was posted there.

One thing that some people don't realize when they say some brands like Colt are over priced is that Colt and others take the time and magna-flux, X-ray etc. certain parts.

Now to be fair I did own an early production 1991-A1 that was not much to brag about. One of its problems was a slide that had a slight bow to it.

I've taken to collecting pics like this to post when people brag about certain brands of firearms being better than others. They all crank out lemons from time to time as far as I'm concerned.
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