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Colt Diamondback .22

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This was dad's, it now resides in my safe.

What do you think Rich? Do you know much about this one?
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Man, I like the Diamondbacks! Like miniature Colt Pythons. They fit my small hands rather well. I only have the .38 versions, though. But one of these days I am sure I'll pick up a .22 or three when I run into them.

I was looking at a really nice nickle model at one of the Tallahassee shows not too long ago. Looked beautiful. But when I asked the guy to let me take a closer look at it, I noticed a ding right on the crown of the barrel. The guy was saying "it will come right out very easily". In a nickle gun? I don't think so. So unfortunately I had to walk away from that one.

I only have blued Diamondbacks, as just about all the nickle models I have looked at looked like they were not treated right in life.
This one has some bluing worn off of either side of the end of the barrel and the edges of the cylinder (holster wear).

I haven't shot it yet but it handles like a dream. It fits my small hand well, has good balance and is smooth as silk!

I remember when dad picked it up at a show, he was real excited. This one is going to be fun!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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