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223 fan said:
rocks,and a LITTLE trip. Get to laugh at ol' GK forever. what's holding you BACK,hmm? You are SO skilled with that slingshot, have so MANY PERFECTLY round rocks all stored-up. :) I"ll buy another CAR kit with your $500.,and laugh at YOU, and you KNOW it.
Except your bet is stupid - more drama fro the drama queen.

how about I spend one day with my slingshot and my ammo for it. If I fail to kill 5 rabbits, you win. If I kill 5 rabbits using the slingshot, you lose and you shut up and get off the internet.

that is a far more realistic bet, under actual hunting conditions - particularly since it involves an actual kill zone, not some made up crap that you came up with.

Of course, this will have to be in my AO. I would not make any claims about your AO.

Plus, you'd have to prove you had the money.

But, like so many other bets you've made, I don't expect this one to go anywhere...

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