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Common Sense Guard Dogs

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A guard dog should be an early warning system, not a land mine. His (or her) job is to let me know something is amiss. I would not own (that's not quite right), partner up with a dog that bit. I bite, I do not wan't the dog to. If you check your home owner's insurance policy you may find that the dog get's ONE bite that they will cover, then you must get rid of the dog. I like Labradors, because a 90 lb. Lab barking and snarling will distract your opponent while you plant 9MM, .45, or .30 caliber holes in his chest. I don't wan't my dog to bite anyone, that's not their job. I have never had a Labrador that bit anyone, let alone my children when they were toddlers. Your an idiot if you hate dogs, I wouldn't be without one.


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gripper said:
No arguments from me;I'd follow up with "You're not only an idiot if you hate dogs,but possiblyNot Long for the World-if you are needlessly cruel to one".
Dogs,like beautiful women are proof that God ecists,has a sense of humor and wants us all in on the joke! :cool:
I like your last sentence. It makes more sense than a lot of the things I have read today.

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