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COMPLETE inability at 25m+, for 1/4 sec

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faster at 10 ft and less, would be a GREAT trade, one I'd make any day, for pistol ability. That would let me react, make a hand on gun pocket draw and hit in .25 second arm's length, or, if I start first, a .05 second one. :) It would also let me react, draw from pocket and hit chest at 10ft, in 1.25 seconds, starting hands at sides. That's faster than 99% + can do same with a ccw belt rig, and realistic concealment (ie, fastened coat, sweater, shirt as concealing garment). It would let me react, make a ccw draw and hit at 10 ft, on the chest, in .75 second, or let me start first, and do so in .55 second. :)

I couldn't care less what happens beyond 25m, cause all I am going to do is run-dive for cover, and "peek" around cover enough to prevent an attacker from outlflanking my cover. That's all anyone can expect to do with just a pistol, realisitcally.

Only if you can put in your ear plugs, take a braced firing position, and AMBUSH somebody does a pistol amount to a crap, 25-50m, and even then, it' doesn't reach further than 50m worth a hoot. Yeah, yeah, I can stand there Weaver,a nd hit 10" gongs at 100 yds, with a match 1911, and earmuffs too. The diff is, I aint stupid enough to "think" that my combat performance iwll match my BEST practice performance. Combat vets all KNOW that your BEST combat performance is worse than your WORST practice performance. Lames who know NOTHING about the subject can jack their jaws all they want, it doesn't change the FACTS.
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