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for silencers, can be made from scratch in 3 minutes each, for the .22, a bit more for the 223. They can be formed and stowed away in advance of need. If the mallet-powered "tool-kit" needed to form them is sold with the silencer, why care if the baffles stand up to more than a few hundred rds? I really don't know what they can handle. I've never burned any up or had them 'wear out" in any way, but then I've not shot them a lot. I made most of them to sell. :) If you have the baffles pre-formed, you can "repack" one of my 22 silencers in 10 minutes flat. The baffles of the 22 silencers DO get full of carbon residues, in about 300 rds, but you CAN clean them, quickly and easily, without removing them from the silencer tube.

I have not put more than a few hundred rds thru each of the 223 silencers, nor the 9mm smg silencers, but when I disassembled them, they all looked ok, altho the rearmost baffles were in bad need of cleaning and corroded, in the case of the smg's, before I knew to provide the sleeve tube as a place to vent off the hottest highest pressure, dirtiest gases.

A certain pair of dumbasses here maintain that my baffles are inferior. But when you can make the silencer yourself and mount it, via threads, in an hour, for about $10 worth of material for the .22lr versions, about $20 material and $100 for welding and lathe work needed for the 223 versions. and replace the baffles in a very few minutes, why gas that such replacement MIGHT be needed.

I dont KNOW that my 22 baffle designs service life is so limited, but it might be. However, since you can easily "fix" the problem, it's nothing to be concerned about. If, however, you have a baffle strike in your $1000 commercial can, it's going to be gone for months while it's repaired. :) You'll have to spend $100 having the barrel threaded in a lot of cases, too.

Whereas with my system, you can counter bore your .22's barrel and thread it in 5 minutes. this means you can quickly and cheaply try your .22 can on several guns. to include that of your friends, charging them $20 each. You can easily get them to pay for the $200 tax stamp that you needed to make your .22 can (legally). and THEY will know if they want to bother with such an accessory or not.

After people actually see the advantages that silenced guns offer as to hunting, or training without bothering the neighbors, the odds are greatly in favor that they will be joining the ranks of silencer fans. :) My .22 "how to" silencer book doesn't sell 20,000 copies every year when nobody wants such a can! :)

Of course, canadians can't legally have silencers. So, no badly how bad they WANT one, they have to play sour grapes and say that cans have no "practical value". :)
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