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look at my BOB as more of a GMHB (Get ME Home Bag). I travel a fair bit and this always goes with me if I leave town.

Ok first the bag. Large commercial back pack. The military ones do not give the look I want when trying to just slide on through someplace. For me my bag is a "bag of bags" so it stays organized and easy to deal with.

They are broken out into areas like Food, Firearms, Cooking, Shelter, Tools, Water, Clothing, and Misc.

The is also a seperate E&E kit should I need to get gone from where I have set up temporary camp or to drop the large pack and move out.

So heeeeeerrrrreeeee we go sports fans.


MSR Dragonfly stove
11 ounce fuel bottle
1 litre pot
titanium .8 litre pot nests inside main pot
2- P38 can openers (one is in E&E kit)
pot gripper
aluminum foil instead of a lit (lighter)
small square of pot scrubber pad
Victorinox paring knife for all camp chores weighs one ounce
Lexan fork and spoon (there are just some things you can not eat with a spoon)
small plastic bowl with lid.(to eat out of but can also rehydrate foods on the move )


Poncho liner (gets switched out for a light sleeping bag or sometimes both during colder months)
Go Lite Tarp shelter (maesures almost 10x 10 and weighs 1pound 6 ounces)
Space blanket (it is stored in E&E kit)
Military space blanket OD on one side and a lot heavier thana regular space blanket
aluminum tent pegs
small bungges to rig shelter


PUR Hiker filter
Potable aqua (is E&E KIt)
1 quart lexan bottle
2 48 ounce flexible canteens they weigh an ounce when empty and take no storeage space

Smal compact binos
Surefire G2 flashlight
2 micro photon lites (one is red)
Write in rain pad
mechnical pencil
Spare lead
2 Sharpies
Petzel head lamp weighs 2 ounces
Folding saw
small hatchet
Kbar knive
Swiss army knife
Water proofed maps of state


Glock 19 with nite sights
2 additional magazines
IWB Kydex holster
2 mag carriers
Spare ammo 100 rounds of Corbon 115 gr +P+
S&S 4" stainless kit gun Model 63
200 riunds of HP ammo packed so it does not rattle (foraging) 50 rounds are the Aguila colobri which make almost no noise
Small cleaning kit


Besides what ever I would be wearing whoich could range from a suit to a polo and jeans I pack the following.
Boonie hat in the new digital camo
BDU top and bottom in digital camo
Royal Robbins coincealed carry vest
Watch cap
Rain gear
2 sets of socks
1 pair of rag wool socks for sleeping
Wickng t shirt long and short sleved
1 pair jeans
Hiking boot sare always in the truck


3 soup cubes
Condiments (salt packets, pepper packets, honey packets, garlic)
Cliff Bars
Goo Gell packets
several assorted soup pouches
2 pouches Milkman instant milk
4 pouches of tuna
1 ham pouch
1 chicken or turkey pouch
6 Lipton noodle meals
3 mountain house meals
Assorted vitamins (packed so as not to rattle)
4 packages ramen
2 complete MRE stripped down to conserve bulk
7 packs of instant oat meal apple and cinnimon
10 packets of hot coco
Meal Pack bars
2 quart packages Gatorade Mix
The following is all double bagged:
Brown sugar, peanuta, minute ricedehydrated verggies or veggie flakes


2 rolls Tp (bagged in zip lock)
small pack of paper towels
1/2 pack towel
Small bar of soap
550 Cord and other assorted cordage
Matches in match safe
Bic lighter
Duct tape wound around one of those supermarket cards
Work Gloves
2 Contractopr grade trash bags
extra zip lock bags assorted sizes
spare batteries
small candles
foam ear plugs
insect repellant
sun screen
super glue
foot powder
2 light sticks
tooth brush
phone card

I also carry a fairly extensive but fairly light weight first aid kit

E&E KIt: P-38
Esbit stove (with esbit fuel tabs as some tiroxane makes a smell)
Space blanket
potable Aqua
Red micro photon lite
Second compass
Small swiss army knife
Additional matches
Bic lighter
Hot spark fire starter
Small first aid kit
Some of the food is stored in the E&E kit. Package fo Ramen, some soup, some meal pack bars and a few other things.

My idea is ot get home safely. I don;'t need any kind of rifle to do that. I want to pass unnotices and get where I am trying to go with the least ammount of hassle. With the food in there I can gor for at least a week of streanous hiking to get home and unless I have to come through the mountains on trails I can easliy cover 15 plus miles a day on back roads or cross country. Or if stealth is required I can travel almost 10 miles per night and still maintain a fairly stealyth existance. If i find OI can not make those distances I can alter the plans accordingly.


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Looks good to me! Well organized.

May want to include $100 or so in cash ($20s)

May also want to include a small pistol cleaning kit.

Couple of questions though.

Would a GI mess kit be lighter than your cooking kit?

Have you seen the flashlights that have their own biult-in generator? saves battery weight.

Good job :)

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Gi kit might be slightly lighter but nto so versatile. I also pack the pot with stuf fto save space.

HMmmmhow did I leave out a cleaning kit on the list? There is a small Gi kit in ther ewith all teh appropriate brushes and gear. Mus thave forgotten to list it.

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Canadian 82 Pattern Web Gear (left to right)

1) Pistol Mag Pouch (2 mags)

2) Rifle Mag Pouch (2 mags)

3) Gas Mask Carrier (contains) C4 mask
(side pouch) 2x decontamination mitts CW
2 pkg Detector Chemical Agent
2 pkg Paper Chemical Agent Detector
5.56mm Cleaning rod and brush
shaving brush
36x 6" pipe cleaners
small pair of needle nose pliers

4) 1 Quart canteen w/ cover & cup (cup for boiling water)

5) Buttpack (24 hours)
- 1 pr wool socks in ziplock bag
- 120 ml bottle of SPF 30 sunblock
- 50 mg Bottle of footpowder
-1/2 roll of charmin in ziplock bag
-1 survival fishing kit
-1 wire saw
-2 rolls snare wire
-1 Hexamine solid fuel cooker
-1 toothbrush
-3 oz hair shampoo
-1 spare rubber air mattress plug
-1 comb
-50 yds dental floss
-1 chapstick
-12 electo plast bandaids
-1 olive drab hand towel
-2 arctic candles
-1 range card w/ sentry orders on back
-1 small bar of soap
-1 cntr Tylenol caplets
-12 aspirin
-1x50 ml bottle bug juice w/ deet
-10' paracord
-2x patches for rubber air mattress
-1 Sewing kit
-1 Tube camouflage face paint
-1 pair ear plugs
-1 box waterproof matches
-1 P-38 can opener
- 10 Imodium Tablets
-1 serving Mountain House Lasagna
-1 Plastic food container 8"x5"x2"
- 1x46gm bag of plain rice
- 2x 45 gm bag instant potatoes
-2x 50 gm Blueberry apple cereal
-4x 4 gm pkg coffeemate
-2x 28 gm pkg Hot Chocolate
-3x pkg pepper
-4x pkg salt
-1 small plastic spoon
-1x book matches
-1x 6 gm pkg lifesavers
-4 pkg Bovril Beef Bouillon Mix
-8 Butterscotch Hard Candies

6) Carrier Pouch: Gortex Rain Jacket

7) Pouch containing KFS & pocket knife (18" para cord attaches knife to webbing)

8) 1 Qt canteen, carrier & cup(cup for washing)

9) Mag pouch x2 Rifle

10) Compass w/ silva compass

11) Harness- 2x Field Bandages
- 2x Carabiners
-1x Plastic Clarger for 5.56mm Stripper Clips

Patrol Pack (Canadian Army Experimental 1,900 cu in) (3-4 days)

1) Ranger Blanket

2) Combat sweater

3) Fleece Jacket

4) Field Message Pad w/ protractor
- 2 Range Cards
- Aide Memoire Battlefield First Aid
- 2 Pens
- pencil
- 2 highlighters

5) Neoprene/Nylon/Fleece gloves

6)6x single meal packs in quart sized ziplock freezer bags, each contains
-1x50 g bag Instant flavoured oatmeal
-1x45g bag Instant Mashed Potatoes
-2x4g envelopes Coffeemate
-3x envelopes salt
-3x envelopes pepper
-2x envelopes Bovril Beef Bouillon Mix
-2x envelopes tea
-1x envelope fruit beverage powder
-1x43g tube of honey or 1x34 g tube of peanut butter
-1x pack flavoured gum
-1x pack 10 hard candies (Werthers Butterscotch)
-1x envelope Hot Chocolate
-1x 28g package beef jerky
-1x Package Cup a Soup
-1x Book of Matches

7) 8x35 binoculars

8) 4 local topo maps, 1 provincial grid map, 1 provincial highway maps

9) Rifle Cleaning kit

10) 50' Para Cord

11) 1 roll charmin in ziplock bag

12) Odds & Ends Bag- 3x Tube Cam Cream Black
(ziplock bag) Brown
- NVG Green Fingerlight
- Sewing Kit
- Bug Juice
- Water Purification Tablets
-Waterproof Matches
- Book: Platoon Commanders Aide Memoire
- P-38 Can opener
- 2 packages Fuel Tabs

Rucksack (Dana Classic Bombpack, 3,200 cu in) (10+ days)

1) Sleeping Bag
(complete includes inner, outer, flannelette liner, air mattress, sheet utility, bivy bag)
2) toque
3) combat shirt
4) combat trousers (lightweight)
5) combat sweater
6) Leather combat gloves with wool liner
7) undershirts x2
8) underwearx2
9) socks greyx2pr
10) spare boot laces
11) boot silicone (DOUBLE zip locked bagged)
12) Forest green Aladdin coffee cup w/ lid
13) 1/2 Roll of Charmin (zip lock bag)
14) olive drab fleece jecket
15) Rain suit pants
16) 8x single meal packs in quart sized ziplock freezer bags, each contains
-1x50 g bag Instant flavoured oatmeal
-1x45g bag Instant Mashed Potatoes
-2x4g envelopes Coffeemate
-3x envelopes salt
-3x envelopes pepper
-2x envelopes Bovril Beef Bouillon Mix
-2x envelopes tea
-1x envelope fruit beverage powder
-1x43g tube of honey or 1x34 g tube of peanut butter
-1x pack flavoured gum
-1x pack 10 hard candies (Werthers Butterscotch)
-1x envelope Hot Chocolate
-1x Book of Matches
17) 2x 1 Quart canteen w/ cover and cup
18) Gerber Mk II Survival Knife
19) Small First Aid kit
- 2x Small Bars of Soap
- Triangular Bandage
- First Aid Tape
- Polysporin
- 12 Electoplast Bandaids
- 2x Lip Balm
- Dental Floss
- 6 Pr Latex Gloves
- 5 Ammonia Inhalants
- 1 Army Field Bandage

Note: This is only a 3 season kit;

- I have rifle magazine pouches for double mags in 7.62mm NATO (currently on webbing), double mag pouches in 5.56mm, & 2 double en bloc clip pouches for the M1 Garand changing them to suit the appropriate rifle is less than 10 minutes work;
-the 2 double “en bloc” pouches can also hold 40 rds of .303 on stripper clips;
-additional "en block" clips (5) or .303 stripper clips (10) would be carried in British
5.56mm bandoleers, nylon with a closable snap;
- For the M1A, a Blackhawk 2 Mag thigh pouch is available;
- For the AR 15A2, a Blackhawk 3 mag thigh pouch is available
- Holster used is the US M7 holster in which I carried a handgun on duty while in the Military while overseas and in the field.
- On my pants belt is located my Gerber Multi Tool and Mini Mag w/ assorted filters.
- Weight: webbing - 20 lbs
Ruck - 34 lbs
Patrol Pack - 18 lbs


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Looks like Hasher and Garand have their kit in place ... !

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Yes, but we are still waiting to hear wht the tard has in his Barney pack.

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Word is gunkid's BOB has Preperation H, Ben-gay (ok, so he's been gay before, not that there is anything wrong with that....), Geritol, and a bunch of handi-wipes. He even has a candy bar or two. His rifle is one of those soft air CARs and mini-1911 cap pistols.

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DJetAce said:
Word is gunkid's BOB has Preperation H, Ben-gay (ok, so he's been gay before, not that there is anything wrong with that....)

DJetAce, the Ben-gay remark at is a funny, funny comment ...

Hey NUTTY JOHN, you have to agree that DjetAce's comment is funny ...

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A detailed listing of our BOB could be provided after we complete our annual inventory of all our BOB and stores. The actual list used was lost with a HD failure and had not been regenerated to date. But here's the list right out of my son's BSA manual and I'll add to it from memory.
Rain cover for backpack
sleeping bag (seasonal)
sleeping pad (seasonal)
ground cloth
Food for # of days hiking/camping (plus 1 meal)
eating kit (MISURP E GE aluminum with hard plastic utensils)
toiletries (soap, toothbrush, towel, washcloth, toothpaste)
first aid kit on steriods (extra items added to round it out)
extra clothing
rain gear (IE poncho, at a minimum)
water bottle (30 oz)
flashlight (w/extra batteries)
trail food
fire starters (Blastmatch)
sun protection
Bug repellent
map & compass
water purification tablets
sewing kit
hatchet (wife and son, I carry a gerber liteweight axe)
50 ft nylon cord
alcohol stove (made from coke can)
alcohol fuel
40 oz Hydration bladder with hose tied to backpack straps
Camp shoes (Lite weight "surf shoes" or sandles for around camp which allows your boots to dry out, and allows you to cross streams while protecting your feet and keeping your hiking boots dry)

**in a summer configuration the above pack weighs approximatly 38 pounds for a two night camp out carrying dehydrated foods. A winter pack would be approximately 5 pounds heavier (additional foods to fuel your body) but also includes a one man shelter**

For BOB we added:
Gear "first aid" kit
bleach (sml amount for various uses)
extra socks
Emergency rations (1 Mayday 3600 calorie bar = 3 days food)

For BO purposes we each have one LBH w/following attachements:
One MILSURP "field medical kit" (pressure bandages etc...)
One MILSURP Canteen (never have enough water)
Two MILSURP M16 ammo pouches (various types of ammo fits in them, from boxes of 22 LR to 7.62x39mm 10 rd stripper clips, 80 rounds per pouch for the 39mm and hundreds of the 22LR)
One K-bar Knife
One MILSURP compass pouch containing:
*1 ceramic knife sharper
*1 Blast match firestarter
*3 chemical fire starters
*1 Gerber multi-tool

Firearms per person:
One rifle
one sidearm
* all weapons are those that we shoot and use at least monthly.*

Shelter is not mentioned because in the summer my son would use his one man tent, my wife the other (both 4 pounders) and I would be in my hennssey hammock (2 pounds). But during a winter BO we would carry the family winter tent, with me packing the bulk of the tent (approx. 15 pounds) while mom and son carried the stakes, ground cloth, and poles in their packs.

There is still room in the packs, and I figure that if we can either use it to stash the LBH's in the packs so we blend in better, or to pile in extra food until we each reach our maximum carry weight. Which equates to allot of Ramen noodles and spices! With one or two cans of fruit for desert.

Again, this is from memory I'm sure I've forgotten an item or two...


Edited to add: Maximum TESTED carrying weight for my wife and son is 50 pounds each, and 75 pounds for myself. But at these weights we're not moving very fast and would be wore out (and were) at the end of the day.

Edited on 12/21 to add: I too have considered the layering effect, but with the above setup we're not to far off maximum weights, especially in a winter BO where you'll carry more cloths, HEAVY cloths. But will take another look at it during our inventory. Everyone will be putting the gear on to refit it, I've lost 25 pds and the son is growing like a weed! So we both need a refit.

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This is a cut&paste of an old thread over at PN (it's long...):

My "BOB" is really more of a "GHB", a get-home bag; to get me home in the event the shtf while I'm away. Figuring a week at most to get where I want to be. So it may be oriented slightly different than a true, long-term shtf survival bag or in a short-term 'disaster' bag for grabbing & taking to the red-cross shelter with the wife & kids.

Mine is an internal-frame backpack. Some things in it are "foodsaver" vacuum packed, for various reasons - sometimes to make them water proof, some to extend shelflife, some to make less bulky, some to protect the other contents of the bag (i.e, cotton/vaseline tinder canisters). Vacuum-packed items I will signify with "VP".

Anyway, here goes; by category:

Heavy on Mountain House freeze-dried entrees, along with a couple small (half-pound?) packs of small, flat, pasta. Also some small, individual packs of "instant" oatmeal, 'easy mac', and single-serve drink pouches; coffee, hot chocolate, even spiced cider.

Don't carry water, but do carry a water purifier; a PUR Voyageur. Will purify the most putrid water, and has 100-gallon capacity. Also carry purification tabs, just in case. (Where I am, and out to more than a hundred miles from home, finding water isn't a problem. YMMV on that one.)

Two 1-quart GI canteens in carriers, one with GI canteen cup.

For cooking (since most of what I carry needs just 'hot-water-added'), I carry an Esbit stove and two dozen esbit fuel tabs. One tab will bring a quart of water to a boil in the cup in ten minutes or less, if wind is blocked reasonably well. That's enough for a large meal, what Mountain House claims "feeds 2", or a smaller meal and a hot cup of coffee, etc.

2 bags "La Moderna" pasta. Small bags of flat (space-saving) pasta; approx 8 meals total - VP

2 boxes buillon cubes (12 total); seasoning, etc - VP

1 quart bag almonds - VP

1 pkg "add water" pancake mix (2 meals) - VP

2 pkgs "easy mac" (2 small meals) - VP

2 envelopes instant oatmeal (apple-cinnamon) (2 small meals) - VP

2 envelopes instant spiced cider - VP

6 envelopes instant coffee (Tea-bag type) - VP

1 PUR Voyageur water purifier with 100-gallon cartridge

2 bottles Potable Aqua water pills (50 gallons total - primarily in case PUR unit breaks unexpectedly)

1 "Platypus" water bladder (built into pack) Approx 2 quarts

1 fork

1 soup spoon


3 travel packs Kleenex (toilet paper, etc) - VP

1 Kitchen towel (also good as potholder when cooking) - VP

2 washcloths - VP

10 acetominophen (tylenol) - VP

6 pseudoephedrine/acetominophen combo (tylenol and sudafed combo) - VP

2 sticks medcated chapstick - VP

1 bar soap (small hotel-size) - VP

3 rolls tums (36 total) - VP

1 bottle insect spray ("Repel")

1 toothbrush

2 pair earplugs (keep cold wind/water out, bugs, etc; an earache in the woods is misery)

100 multivitamins with C (figure 4 a day instead of one) - VP

20 B-complex vitamins - VP


1 sheath knife - "Spec Plus" bowie type

1 Fiskars folding saw (good quality, locking saw)

1 aluminum mess kit (with hanging pot modified slightly) I've since replaced the mess kit with the esbit stove and canteen cup

1 shoulder strap (nylon with snap-links on ends for carrying or securing whatever)

1 - 4-foot 'dog-run' chain with snap link on one end (for all kinds of things - hanging cook pot, holding temp shelter together, hanging backpack or food up in tree off ground, securing a door shut; whatever) - VERY handy, VERY versatile item to have.

1 set lock picks (I'm legally ok here, ymmv) - something I never see mentioned, yet very handy things to have. Slower to use than in the movies (for me, anyway), but quiet and non-destructive. [SHTF, 'sneak' into abandoned building, motel room, etc, and be able to lock the door behind you.] Again, watch the legalities.

1 Gerber multi-tool

1 pen

1 Silva compass

1 compass/whistle/thermometer combo (cheapie compass, but just a backup to the silva)

1 fresnel lens (flexible 'book-magnifier' type lens - starts fire as well as a glass magnifying lens but is lighter, flat, and won't break) - Can be had at book stores for a couple dollars. In bright sunlight, can literally make asphalt smoke and burn through a piece of oak.

1 magnesium/flint firestarter

6 - 35mm film canisters w/tinder (cotton balls saturated with vaseline) canisters taped shut, & double ziploc bagged - VP [don't recall where I first read the idea. Cotton balls, smeared liberally in vaseline, then packed into plastic film canisters. Light instantly, burn hot.]

3 disposable butane lighters (can you tell I'm obsessive about securing fire...?)

2 needles w/thread (in a 35mm film canister)

1 LED AA-flashlight w/red lens - almost as bright as a mini-mag, but battery life is more than 10X with LED's

2 extra AA batteries

2 hot-melt glue sticks (heat over fire to use - repair pack, torn shoe soles, etc)

17 feet of 2" duct tape (wrapped around flat 4x10" cardboard -takes up much less room that way) - VP

17 feet of 3/4" duct tape wrapped on same cardboard

100 feet 1/8" nylon cord

2 mylar blankets

4 mini-carabiners (not load-bearing 'climbing' carabiners, but very handy for attaching compass to shoulder straps, etc)

1 state map, double ziploc bagged

20 - 7 1/2" nylon ty-wraps (very handy for attaching & repairing lots of things and weigh basically nothing)

2 large plastic trash bags (you never know)

2 small plastic bags

1 waterproof "compressor bag" (waterproof protection, plus addressing the 'de-vacuuming' issue of some vacuum-packed items)

CLOTHES (no telling how you'll be dressed when tshtf)

1 pair bluejeans (old & comfortable) - VP

1 flannel shirt (long-sleeve, pullover type) - VP

1 pair underwear - VP

1 old leather belt - VP

2 pair socks - VP

1 pair Thinsulate gloves - VP

1 pair brown cotton work gloves - VP

1 good poncho

1 cheap, disposable poncho

1 hat ('boonie' type) - VP

1 pair old boots always in truck

SHELTER (other items above, such as cording, etc in "TOOLS", apply to shelter also)

1 good-quality one-man tent (not "in" backpack, but in an outer pocket and strapped in place)

The total weight, including backpack itself is just 29 pounds. Filling the canteen & water bladder would increase that to about 34-35.

There are other items that are not in the pack, but would also be on hand, since they're basically always on me or in the vehicle:

Weapons - Glock 19 w/two 15-round mags, KelTec .32 with 8-rounds, and a shoulder gun in the vehicle. Either a CAR-15 with 2 30-rounders (loaded to 28) and one 20-rounder (loaded to 18) of .223, AAC suppressor, and a .22 conversion with 2 50-round boxes of .22lr; all in a nylon rifle case w/outside pockets. Or an M1 carbine with 7 15-round magazines in pockets. One of those two long guns is always my "trunk gun", so I can count on having one of them at hand.

Misc: mini-led light on keyring, pocket knife, cell phone, etc. "Duty bag" always in the vehicle as well, with extra Glock and AR magazines, night-vision monocular, compact Nikon binoculars, raincoat, etc, [Since writing this, have picked up new compact BSA binoculars that stay in the truck console. Not highest quality, but light weight and in a padded case.]

Also have Streamlight 7-LED flashlight in truck console. Very good short-to-medium range light, and lasts right at a hundred hours on a set of AA's (50 hours before it starts to dim appreciably).

Being more of a ghb and short-term oriented, mine's heavy on "use it up & move on" type foods, rather than a long-term "live in the wild" orientation.

The bag itself is an internal-frame backpack, which rides in a toolbox in the truck bed. The bed has a cap on it, so the toolbox isn't exposed to direct sunlight, rain, etc. Not "climate controlled", but not as extreme in conditions as it would be without the cap.

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Excellent idea about the hot glue sticks! This is what I like about going thru lists. I never would have thought of this.

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Interesting kit list John. While shopping today I was looking at a "Food Saver" vaccum sealer. Up here they have dropped $50 in price in the last 12 months. I'm kind of running out of excuses not to buy one. Currently, I'm using alot of Zip loc Freezer bags- the heavier ones.

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I'll have my small urban one ready to go by the end of this week. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.


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If you buy a vac sealer, I strongly suggest you buy a good one. I bought a cheap one a long time ago (“Seal-a-Meal”..?), and it was a joke. I finally bought a good one, and it’s a whole different animal.

Kind of like a new label-maker; when you have it in your hand, you just ‘find’ things to use it on. (My apologies to the cat… ;) )

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C'mon John, don't tell us to get a good one like yours and then not tell us what kind it is!

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ATT; hasher! correct me if i'm wrong!

but i seem to recall, from your posts[other than being a southpaw]

that your a truck driver?[correct me if i'm wrong]

what would/does the D.O.T. have to say about your GLOCK 19? travellin'
in your 'rig' as you persuse inter-state commerce?[again, correct me if i'm wrong?]



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Sorrynot a truck driver. You got me confused with someone else bro. I drive a truck yes. My pick up truck.

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