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I did have my cookies set to automatically log me in and to use the enhanced mode when creating replies, it was working great, everything was the way I liked it...

I took a bit of a vaccation back in Late November and signed on using a friends computer, without thinking that the cookies would be left on his machine as well, no big deal he's not a really frequent user on the site so it didn't come up again till reccently...

Since he kept ending up logged in as me when he opened the website and it was marking the last time I had signed in as whenever he had last done so and threads were being marked as being older than my last visit when they were not... I changed my password.

Since the password was changed, his cookies no longer worked and it stopped logging me in automatically when he opened the site but... It also stopped logging ME in when I opened the site here from my home, I'm guessing for the same reasons.

Since i frequent a few message boards and other websites that utilize them, I don't want to completely clear the folder in order to fix this problem and resetting my options back and forth hasn't helped to alleviate it... I was wondering what the specific file name was likely to be since I can't find one that has "fauna" or "vbulletin" in the name and deleting them wholesale is my last resort...

Any suggestions for the specific cookie name so I can remove it and have the board update it or suggestions for how to correct this via the board functions itself would be greatly appreciated.


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Sorry Seamus, but I honestly do not know the file name of the cookie. However, if I were looking for it, I believe the best thing would be to log off then on again, then go to the cookie directory and sort the files by creation/modification date. That way the cookie file would most likely be the most recent one there.

Take care.
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