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Start facing 2 torsos, at 15 yds. they are at either end of an 8 ft wide "wall", 6 ft high, with a 2x4 "step" nailed to the wall, (solidly staked to the Earth) 8 yds beyond the wall is a 2 yd long, 8 ft wide "tunnel', made of 2/4's, stood on edge,one every 18" of your forward travel. I believe that the "clearance" under the 2x4" is 18", IIRC. Each board that you displace adds a 5 second penalty to your time for that "run". Usually,if you displace one, you displace more, so you BELLY FLOP thru that 'tunnel. :)

At the rear of the "tunnel", 10 yds beyond the wall, are 2 more torsos, one on each side of the "tunnel". At the far end of the "tunnel", is the "weak line". Once you cross that line, each time use your strong side arm for anything,it's a 5 second penalty, added to your time for THAT run. 2 runs are made, average time is your score. ALL hits count the same, each torso must be hit twice on each run.

2 yds beyond the end of the tunnel,is yet ANOTHER 8' wide, 6' high wall,with an 18" "window" in its center. 7 yds beyond this second wall is a 12" stop plate, and another torso. They are centered on the window, and about 5 yds apart.

Shooter starts facing the first wall. He can only pivot while touching his gun, (even in the holster) if his gun hits the dirt, he's disqualified from the match. Losing your gun in the tunnel is VERY commonplace, and so are 5 second penalties for moving with your hand touching the gun (also common, in the holster)

Upon signal, draw and fire at the the first 2 torsos. 3 shots each is a GOOD idea. 1911's, swap mag right there.

reholster, charge the "wall". Go over it, draw before you hit the ground (ideally) hit the 2 torsos at the tunnel, reholster, go thru the tunnel. As you exit the tunnel, get to your feet, drawing gun with weak hand, asyou leap the final 6 ft of the course, going to your knees as you shove your weak side arm thru the window. hit the torso twice, move over and hit the stop plate. Pick up your mag, get spares into the gun and speed pouch (without removing gun from rig) and repeat.

Most guys have real trouble getting under 30 seconds on this match, without penalties. I've done it that fast,with a revolver, using loose rounds, stuck in my belt.
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