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cooper's rifle-dual eval shoot

start standing erect at 300m. if a bipod is present, it must be detached or folded. 1 IPSC target only is used. Time is divided into score. If there are any misses, you lose another 10 pts per shot, on top of the 5 pts you could have had with the Hit. Target is cammo pattened. upon signal, go to prone, using bipod if you have one, fire 2 shots, make safe, advance to 275 m, again fire 2 from prone, but no bipod is allowed, make safe, advance to 250m, fire 2 from sitting, no rest. make safe, move to 225m, fire 2 from the kneel, make safe, advance to 200m, fire 2 from standing, unsupported.

it makes far more sense to start this at 200m, moving up to 100m, but have a suspended 10" steel gong as the target. Cause people being shot-at assume the head on prone position, so a 10" circle is the only (stationary) target that you will get. And you wont be kidding yourself nearly as much about what you can "accomplish" with your fighting rifle. Another modification is fire half of the shots at each position from the weak shoulder, as you would have to do when using cover.

Cooper's version, the best time was nearly 2 frigging minutes. Thats long time to be holding still, with no cover, with multiple riflemen firing at you, with autorifles. I suggest that you get it done in more like 40 seconds. If you were hitting each one once, and not switching shoulders, it would be 30 seconds for the 5 kills. Which IS feasible to do, against typical dips using .30 AK's., nagants and the like.

this is an excellent exercise (as modified) and a fun match to see guys try.(and fail horrifically) A 10" disk is 3x as hard to hit as a full, arms and all silohuette, guys.
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