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AR, $600
22 unit $250
trigger job $100
Luminous sights $150
spare mags, $50
silencer, $300 (make yourself, pay the tax)
free float tube $55
GI bipod (mounts on the tube) $15.
see thru scope mount, $35
$100, used Leupold compact 2x7 scope.

alloy commander variant 1911, $600
spare mags, $50.
Luminous sights, $100
Sig (used) .22 unit, spare mags, $250.

Kimber Micro 9, used, $450
spare mags, $60.
luminous sights $100.

A bit over 3.5k, for 3 guns. Sounds like a lot, but I once had 4 gold cups, and 2 Colt .22 units. In today's money, used condition, that'd be 8-9k. No rifle, no pocket gun.

Another $600 to set up to reload and cast, (at a decent rate) and about 1k for .22lr ammo, scrap lead, reloading components. almost 1k in airsoft AR and 1911, pellet rifle and pellet pistol. 6k total. Then about 4k for instruction. and you'll be in pretty good shape when it comes to realistic gun skills.

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Like to find a Leupold scope, stuck with the Colt handle mount an 3x9s on mine. Like the Ceiner units for ARs an 1911s, never tried any others.
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