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Hiya Terry! I gotta agree;the milsurp/curios are FUB!...not to mention utilitarian.Rate of fire won't be hig like a semi,but whichever you practice with ;stripper clipped ammo on a bandolier/carrier makes for a cood "grabbitand go' or Ppickup truck" option.Back when I was legal in Massghanistan(may change soon _hopefully)the old beater-bolt guns and SKS series was and still remains an option to hang ont0.
Besides the cheap surplus,there's a few more options ouyt there in ammoland;both in component and loaded(quality )ammo.
One of my "thinggs to do"on the list is definitely to re-stock my old collection.Have to see what October(effective date of change to Commonwealth gun law) brings...
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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