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Darn did everyone here turn anti-gun??

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No one has anything to talk about any longer?

What do I need to do? Ban anyone from talking about guns on the FaunaClassifieds site and make them come here instead? :laugh:
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1. It's hunting season over most of the country, shooters got some serious shooting to do.

2. What the board needs is a couple (or more) of folks who start threads for a while, something to keep visitors coming back, start posting themselves. A board needs 8 or 10 new threads per day just to sustain interest and build momentum.

3. Don't discourage posters like one "Unregistered" I've seen here - I think somebody called him "Gun Kid". That type provides comic relief and gives everybody else someone they can feel superior to.

yeah, mistakenly so,

what all the flack is about is when he shows everybody up so badly. :)
shows what

all i hear is a lot of hot air. lets see that mpeg of you blasting a torso with 12 shoots with 2 hands in one second, we're waiting!
ignorant bastards like you need to go

to an IPSC shoot, and get a look at the split times on the timers. .20 second splits are nothing. Maybe YOU can't do something with either hand, but nobody who ever made black belt has that level of ineptitude. :)
yeah yeah yeah

cough up some proof!

you've gotta be at least 55, you ain't no Rob Lathum!
Rob gets .11 second splits, dummy

not .20 second. You are so far out of your class that you can't even see my dust. I was 10th in the US, 1977, 19th in the World, same year, and a concealed El Presidente is still a sub 7 second thing for me. You dont even know what an EP is. most likely, much less know how fast that sort of time is, with all good hits, using a lw Commander and .45 ball.
in your case

EP = "Extreme PUNK"
it's hell being shown up so badly, aint it,

punk? :)
shown up by what

ur BS?

show the proof, it easy, get a digi cam and have someone shoot the mpeg, or is that too technical for u
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