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Debunking the Infamous Rifle Knockdown Power Myth

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Interesting article on knockdown power and game animals. (Debated putting it in hunting, but figured it was more of a general firearm discussion)

Link to article
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Excellent article and parallels discussions of stopping power in self defense shootings.
Agree very much about bullet placement with a proper bullet.
Very interesting. I鈥檇 never heard of (or considered) the heartbeat-phase aspect, but it could explain a lot of the inconsistencies of bullet performance with seemingly equal hits.

(Jeez, Ed - I thought I was the only one dumb enough to be up this early... 馃槖)
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Just like that football player that went into cardiac arrest from taking a hit at the exact right moment, in the exact right spot...

Weird things happen in conjunction with heart beats and other factors.
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