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You notice that Gunkid is upset about anything that might cost $$, including his gear. If someone can afford it and he can't, then it's a BS toy for the rich.

He doesn't understand the concept of hard work, saving your money and buying good stuff instead of crap.

Hey gunkid - If someone can afford a horse (or three), then what's it to you?

You keep belly aching that people are spending their money. If they have it to spend, then they're better prepared than those who didn't.

It's very simple. It's the way life works. Life is extremely fair. It's so fair, that you don't get any breaks. You work hard, you get ahead. You whine and complain and look for shortcuts, you don't.

Very fair, very simple.

If you're worried about the costs, get off your ass and work two jobs until you can buy whatever it is you are whining about.

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