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decently performing HG ammo is AP, so

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it will never be offered by any major ammo maker. they don't want the politcal fallout caused by the possibility of their ammo being used to kill a cop. The only way such Mach II (ie, 2x the speed of sound, 2200+ fps) ammo will ever be offered to the public is if some ONE man outfit does so, using fake ID and corporate "veils" to hide who is really making and selling the stuff. It will make him a fortune when he does get it all together, tho, because Glaser, RBCD, Mag Safe, etc, have proven that thousands of people will pay $2 a shot, for 20 rds or so of a high performance ammo. Unlike their bs stuff, tho, a decent round is also adequately penetrative.
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What about that new .17 rimfire hitting the market? I believe it is called Mach2 or something like that. Been several articles about it in the latest gun rags. Same length as a HV .22 rimfire and uses the same projectile as the .17 HMR.

Sounds like an interesting round to play with.
it has nothing like the power needed

for effective self defense. You need at least a 50 gr bullet, at that speed, to have enough poop for any realistic expectancy of stopping power. Being attacked by prairie dogs is not exactly a lethal force sort of an encounter, and plain old .22lr's suffice for such.
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