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I'm gonna start some crap with this one, but I've gotta ask.

The thread on baiting for squirrel hunting got me thinking about a problem I've got. There's a large dog that shows up once a week or even less, and harrasses and even kills some of the smaller animals in the area. "Dog shooting" has been a flame-filled topic here more than once, but this time, I have no problem with it. We've lost one cat, and neighbors have lost a cat and even a puppy; all apparently to this dog.

Question: how to "bait" a dog, short of using a kitten for bait? I'm not home a lot during daylight hours; only seen him twice myself. Once in the morning (he'd ran off by the time I grabbed my rifle and went outside), and once as I drove up in the driveway at night (he ran off before I got the truck stopped).

Being able to draw him where I want him to be would obviously be more efficient than just waiting and hoping for a coincidental meeting. (I keep calling it a "him"; that's just an assumption.)
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22lr will deal with dog, no problem. Why NOT use a kitten? Put one out there in a CAGE, staked down.
hey dumbass, can you READ? HOW is anything going to open the cage and get the kitten, hmm? Put it in a cage inside of the cage, if you're really worried about i.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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