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dont NEED compass for basic wayfinding.

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stick shadow will tell you directions.If sun aint shining,WAIT. What's your hurry? See, bozos, compass and map are for fools who "think" that they have to be a certain place,by a certain TIME. Post shtf, there will be no such hurry,nor any need to be anyplace. Not, anyway,for the guy who can hack it anyplace. People will be bringing supplies to such a guy, all the time and everyplace. :) Inadvertantly and unintentionally,but the result will be the same.
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Gunkid, if thats what you believe, who are we to argue with you. Please carry more ammo when you bug out though, the guys that smokes you will probably need more ammo. Your humping ammo for the guy that waxes you, will give your life some sort of accomplishment.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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