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DPMS vs Ciener 22 conversion unit

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Does anybody have any experience with the DPMS 22 unit for the AR? I'm wondering how it compares to the Ciener. Prices seem to be comparable.

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Don't know anyone who's tried one. My bet is that the DPMS has superior quality control. From a glance, the DPMS looks like the old Colt unit, and it just may be a copy of one. The mags are probably not interchangable.
andy said:
why bother? It's neither more accurate, more reliable, cheaper or more readily available than is the Ciener.
Since it's DPMS, it'll probably have a better and more uniform quality control and it'll probably become just as common if not more so. I bet you won't have to screw with it 1/10th as much, if at all, to get it working reliably. At the very least, Ciener will have to get their act together a bit better due to the competition.
The Ciener often enough is flawless from the box. DPMS has a long ways to go, to even become KNOWN as a .22 unit maker.
Thats not the opinion of the people that I know that have a Ceiner!
I have a Ciener, and may have just got one of the "good" ones. When new, it was quite twitchy; would fail at least one round per mag usually, sometimes more. Now it's much better. Jams only with the weird Aguila SSS load; usually due to the .22 short length brass going somewhere it shouldn't, on ejection.

With the other loads I use (Rem subsonic, Stinger, and Federal & Winchester bulk paks), I don't recall the last malfunction I've had.

It's much 'smoother' now, largely due to the parkerizing being worn off a large area of the slide rails, and works pretty much perfectly. Admittedly, it's taken several thousand rounds to reach this point.

And I have heard horror stories about needing to lighten the bolt, re-shape the ramp, re-spring the extractor, etc, to make them work; but no such problems with mine. I may have just gotten lucky with mine, but I like it a lot.
of the half dozen (recent make) Cieners of which I have personal knowledge, only one had to be worked over. My friend has 2, and one worked flawlessly from the start,in 3 different AR uppers,with 3 different magazines, and several types of .22lr ammo.
Okay Andy, what do you know about the Colt conversion unit? Any experience?

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