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drop a coin, shoulder ht, hits the deck,3/4

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second. Shoot a man in the eyeball, frontally, with .25, and he will drop every bit as fast. TRY getting 3 more hits, on a dropped ping pong ball, before it can hit the ground. Such a claim is LUDICROUS, even if the ball WOULDN'T be blown away by the first such hit.
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You are wrong. period. you can post 10,000 posts like this one, and you will still be wrong.

You just don't understand.

you also cannot stand being shown to be wrong on the same subject so many times.

This is another subject you should stay away from.

Minor differences:

-The quarter doesn't have its feet planted on the floor at the time, pushing up
-The quarter isn't pumped with adrenaline
-The quarter isn't grappling with a grown man, who also:
- is pumped full of adrenaline
- has his feet planted on the floor, pushing up

Even a non-adrenaline-pumped, neck-shot deer will stand in place for half a second or so, before it starts to fall. Just takes a little time for the tensed muscles to relax. Cutting the cns does cut off all communication and control to muscles, but it doesn't transform tensed, locked muscles into lifeless rocks instantly.
so what? He STILL aint hitting the eye 3 more times, while STRUGGLING. Why don't you just ADMIT that the guy LIED about it? They nearly always DO, you know, about such things, and the times that they AIN'T knowingly lying, they are MISTAKEN about what really occured.
Andy, it makes no difference at all to us about what really happened. The man is alive and the cops were satisfied that it was a rightous shooting so whats the diff. You're just jealous because he has seen the elephant eye-to-eye and all you have seen is the other end.

SatCong, you are far too generous with your praise.

andy said:
...Why don't you just ADMIT that the guy LIED about it?
Because I can't "admit" to something I have no personal knowledge of. I can't "admit" that John Boothe acted alone, and I can't "admit" that he didn't.

We can "presume" or "surmise"; but how can anyone "admit" to it?

andy said:
They nearly always DO, you know, about such things, and the times that they AIN'T knowingly lying, they are MISTAKEN about what really occured.
Many people exaggerate their experiences, that's true. Many people also have mistaken recollections, even if trying to be truthful. The only knowledge we have of it are the statements of the involved, the police findings, and newspaper reports (if any).

According to those, what he says happened, happened.

According to your stated skill level, it's possible to accomplish in the time frame involved, on a much smaller (relative) target than he had to work with.


- He says it happened that way, and
- The authorities concur with him, and
- You say you possess that skill level yourself (that's the pivotal one, imo).

How can you say it's NOT "possible", yet claim it's within your own abilities...?
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Because he's a liar and his abilities are no where near what he says they USED to be. So in that vacuous space between his ears, he thinks no one else can do anything better than him, because that woul prove that he wasted his whole life and was never successful at anything.

Of course he can try and be a human any time, there's plenty of years left for him to actually achieve something worthwhile. But he's lazy and would rather just lie and try to drag down real men in the process.

Hi fellow members;
I am amazed that this is still going on. Geeesh, I 'really' find it hard to believe this is still going on. However, there still appears to be the same ole argument from Andy--- whether I'm telling the truth, or not. Actually, I have NO idea. I was interviewed by two local PD detectives the night it happened, and I was under very heavy sedation---- not truth serum. I believe most of it was morphine, and I still was in a lot of pain--- as I recall. Of course, I might be lying about the pain. Having been stabbed five times with a 36 inch sword, might not have hurt at all. I might have been lying about being stabbed.
I only thought I shot two, maybe three times--- as I recall. The police told me at a later date, that I had shot five times. Well, I didn't remember how many times I shot. I had to be told by the detectives, and the forensic guys that secured the crime scene, and processed it. Of course, the detectives and the forensic guys might be lying. Who knows what goes through their minds.
The guy's body was taken to the Fifth District Medical Examiner's Office, in Leesburg, Florida for an autopsy. Oddly enough, the M.E's story correlates with what I remember, and what the detectives and crime scene examiner's say about the incident. Of course, they all might have lied, staking their careers on a lie about an incident in a pawn shop. I'm certain they wouldn't think twice about it? yeah, right.
As far as myself remembering what happened, thankfully, I do not remember every little incident during that fight. What I do remember is bad enough for me, and that is enough. Again; the forensic evidence , and what the crime scene told the detectives and C.S. people, is that what I told them in the many interviews that were given to the police by myself, was closer to the truth of what happened than even I could recall by myself. I really do not know what else to say about the matter, except that the evidence backs me up, and Andy is just ignoring the facts of the incident, and as a result is showing real ignorance---- contempt before investigation. In this particular instance, the investigation was done by non partial professionals, in the performance of their duties, and the results were 'negative'. It was a 'good shoot', as they say in LEO circles. By his refusal to acknowlege this, he shows his contempt, as well as his ignorance. Oh well, no accounting for taste and class.
I thank you fellows for coming to my defense, without even the privilege of knowing you personally. People , like most of you on this group, make it a lot easier for me to stumble through life. People, like Andy, remind me of dry, crusty fecal matter hanging on the hairs of my ass that need to be washed away in the shower, and go down the drain.
Thanks again,

J David
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Thank You!


i speak for 'ALL' on this site, that comprehend reality, that your still with us! and for that,' WE' are truly thankful!

press on!

i give thanks, daily!

[i have intentionally not READ this thread till i saw J.DAVID post]

thank you, SIR!
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This is the first I have heard of the incident. J. David sounds like he deserves a medal, not a bunch of mouth from andy.
people who insult people's intelligence with LIES deserve what they have COMING. NOBODY puts 4 rds of .25 into ANYBODY'S eye socket, as the guy is ANYWHERE but lying on the ground, or somehow tethered as to be immobile. It takes .50 second to fire that many shots, and the FIRST one to the eye socket is going to drop a standing man like a rock.

Why should a fuckup get a medal, hmm? he KNEW he had a disgruntled, wannabe "customer" hanging around, SAW the sword, and didn't have enough SENSE to get a REAL gun pointed at the bastard, get obtacles between them, scream, call the cops, etc.
Exactly how many people have you shot in the eyesocket and observed what happened? The way a body will react after being shot is 100 percent predictable and happens the same way every time? If you were wrestling with a guy, do you mean to say that you couldn't do that feat at arms length?

As for the sequence of events, I do believe that Dave spelled them out sufficiently for most people to understand. I have been to Dave's place many times and visuallizing what happened is very easy to do. NO one expects a customer to come charging through the door with a sword hidden behind their back. NO one automatically grabs a gun and levels it at a customer coming in through the door. He had a display counter between him and the assailant already, which the bad guy simply lunged over with the first thrust of the sword. Dave pushing sharply back in his chair certainly saved his own life from a fatal first stab wound, but also pushed himself out of reach of the Glock he had sitting underneath the counter. Which was the smarter move? Grabbing for the gun and dying, or pushing back to avoid the full force of the blade being shoved at your chest?

Scream? Heck I don't know. I probably would have. But he was alone in his store with a mad man, and that scream would have had to be pretty loud for anyone else to hear it. Call the cops? Sure. With someone chasing you around your store stabbing at you with a samurai sword, you are going to pause for a moment to pick up the phone to make a phone call. Riiight.....
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Where do I start a "BOOT Andy" thread? We could even vote on it. Congratulations to Mr. David for surviving this ordeal and it aftermath, regardless of shot placement, or wether fairies came down from the cieling and offed the would be "ninja". So long, I have to go out to the horsebarn and shovel "Andy's"
Spurrit, the guy's in jail. So no more andy posts.
I wish you were lying about the whole thing. Sadly, I am quite sure you are telling the absolute truth. I say sadly because the truth of the matter is that you had to endure such an experience. I would not wish that on someone I despised, much less on a respectable, innocent, and law abiding citizen. I am glad you are alive. I am glad you saved the rest of us the trouble of having to prosecute that filth. I am sorry beyond words that you had to. God bless and keep you.
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