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Drop-in adjustable sights

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Owwwww! All this talk about range queens (meaniing dainty firearms that don't get real use) makes me wince!

I carry my trusty Colt Officers 45 with me everywhere but she makes me uncomfortable. I replaced the rear sight with a Mec-Gar adjustable rear a long time ago - it was all I could find. Everytime I look at it, I think fragile.

Okay, can anybody suggest an adjustable drop in sight thats strong. Would even settle for a fixed sight thats high enough to file down to point of aim. You see, the problem is I shoot low (probably my fault).

Thank you!

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I've owned 2 Gov't Models with Witchita's on them, I prefer them vastly over Bo Mars.
Thanks Todd, I appreciate that vote of confidence. Geez gunkid, I have some very positive experiences with Witchita's, personal preference. Those of us that own modified 1911's have done so to suit are own tastes, not yours. If we are comfortable with them why should it bother you? You never know, some of us just might be more experienced than you are.

Melvin please post all your IPSC scores in the last 24 months with independent verification and please supply a DETAIL kit list for your BOB.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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