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ducktail grip safeties are a big help,

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on any single action autopistol,worn cocked and locked. I even weldedsuch shape extentions onto PPK's, P35's, Stars, because they shield the cocked hammer from blows, help prevent snagging on clothing, and they "guide" one's hand onto a proper firing grip, during a fast draw.

If the bottom rear of the trigger guard is "undercut", the ducktail also lets you grip the gun "higher" on the butt, which helps recoil-control. The "lower" that the gun sits in your grasp, the less leverage it has against your wrist, in recoil. This is one reason that revolvers are harder to control than are good autos, given guns of the same size and wt, same load-momentum (bullet wt and velocity).
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A well designed grip on the revolver makes it quite usable for combat use as well as for fun. Don't knock revolvers. They aren't perfect for every situation but neither is the auto.

nothing has to be perfect, in order to be

VERY superior. In ONE day, I can teach any 12 year old girl to be a KICKASS shotttist with a canned .22 auto, not meaning super fast draws, but VERY fast, starting gun in hand. It would take at LEAST a week to do the same with a .22 revolver, assuming that she had the MOTIVATION to bust ass at if for a sollid week.
So tell us how many children you have taught to shoot with a canned autopistol and how many with a revolver. Their ages and sex would be helpful.

several boys, only 2 girls, but several

women. They ALL love it. The best performance comes from those with NO shooting experience. My second "live in" gal had never fired a gun in her life,she was 35, and I had her dryfire a bit, one hand unsupported. Then she took the canned Ruger, put a hole in the center of the paper with it (15 ft) Resting her hand and the gun at her side, she fired 5 more shots, all staning one handed unsupported. All holes touched in the target. :) Later, I let her try the matching, LOUD Ruger, with earmuffs, and she got a 2" group, same range. She said:' Oh John, the other one is much nicer". I said yeah,but it's10years in prison. She said "what!?" I said, yeah, didn't you know silencers are illegal? She said:"Well then why do you HAVE one?' :) She was a bit simplistic about many things, but a very loyal, loving woman, until her manic-depression finally overwhelmed her. She hated all the meds, cause she couldn't have orgasms while medicating, and she eventually just lost all of her sense and ability to function worth a hoot.
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I've taught SCORES of people to shoot

and dozens of kids, and the can REALLY helps them progress swiftly. The revolver is only good for slowfire,SA. When you start asking a novice for REAL speed, DA REALLY slows down their progress. Since I then turn them on to SA autos, I've NEVER had one want to go back to DA,much less to a revolver.
At least 90% of students who have

no real gun experience just ACCEPT it when you tell them that cocked and locked carry is safe enough, because millions of people have used it, for nearly a century, with FEWER accidents than guys have with lever actions, "cockable" revolvers, etc. The few who check on that info find out that it's the simple truth. I don't believe in complicating their lives with crap about DA-SA, DAO, "fast action", and similar bs. They don't need it, and it saves them a lot of wasted time and money.
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