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E. Keith was never a cop, never so much

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as POINTED a gun at anyone. Contrary to what many ignorant people "think". :) Ditto Ed McGivern
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I can't think of a thing that a big, heavy

underpowed revolver would be good for, actually. It's not pocketable, it's not suppressable, it lacks the power for humane taking of big game, it lacks the repeat hit speed of a good auto, as well as the ability to keep going in sand, dust, etc, or be cleaned easily in the field. It certainly lacks the range and power of a good rifle.
you're full of it, sony. I've owned over

15 revolvers, to include 8 Smiths. You CLAIMING 357 has lots of power,its' suppressable, pocketable, or has the range of a rifle?

No, twits, I just point out the FACTS, and because you have your DICKS "invested" in your silly gun and ammo choices, you get all offended when those weaknesses are pointed out.

If all it is is fun, why dont you just go play tiddlywinks? that's more your speed, anyway. Why AINT it fun ENOUGH, to use realistic combat gear, and practice-compete in a realistic way, hmm? Why do you HAVE to avoid such things? You have no insight into your own psyche. YOu "play' with guns, because deep down, you WANT real fighting ability. Why not just ADMIT it, and get to work on ACQUIRING same, hmm?

The reason that you dont is you are SCARED, cheap and lazy. You have bought INTO the socialist, altruistic bs that it is somehow WRONG to want to be an effective fighter, deep down, and it eats at you. So what you do is sell out, and"plink", PRETENDING that you can make a gun serve some effective purpose, but not REALLY getting into the "dark side", of being as ruthlessly efficient as a fighter REALLY has to be, in order for LUCK to not be the determinant of the outcome of a fight.

You can plink, hunt, compete with REAL guns and loads, too, ya know. So WHY dont you, hmm?
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1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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