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E. Keith was never a cop, never so much

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as POINTED a gun at anyone. Contrary to what many ignorant people "think". :) Ditto Ed McGivern
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You know, I took martial arts for a while, and I did enjoy the training, exercise and focus it gave me. But realistically, unless you go out looking for trouble, how many times will someone really use that kind of training? You can spend your entire life preparing and training for your own personal war that will just never come unless you are just of the frame of mind to go out and MAKE it happen. So what is the purpose of doing that?

It sounds an awful lot like those types of people who went and stocked their basements with MREs preparing for the end of civilization when Y2K rolled around.

Murphy's Law pretty much guarantees that whatever it is that you did NOT prepare for, will be what finally gets you in the end. So why bother?

I collect guns because I like them. I like lots of different kinds of them. I like to shoot just because I find it relaxing and challenging at the same time. Some guns I have I will never shoot at all, just because I like having them and they are collectibles in their own right. I have a CCW and carry most times. I always have a gun on me when I am walking about my property on inside my buildings. But I treat them as insurance policies that I sincerely hope I never have to file a claim under.

Guns don't mean the same to all people. To feel that it is a personal weakness because someone doesn't think the same as you is, well, a personal weakness, I believe..... :)
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I can remember the day I quit Kenkoran (I think that is how it is spelled) karate. My instructor walked me up to a wall lined with 2x4s with rope wrapped around them. I was supposed to stand there and pummel those boards with my fists to toughen them up. He showed me his hands. When he made a fist, he had no knuckles as it was nearly a solid ridge of flattened callous tissue. I was playing keyboards in a local band at the time, and I knew for certain I had to choose one or the other. So I walked out of the training room and never went back.
Mostly, those who make like pussies, and HIDE what they are, LACK that ability and confidence.
Do you mean like people afraid to post their name on a message board like this? :)

People who won't put their name on the words they write have no real authority or credibility, in my opinion. Anybody can say anything at all that is unverifiable. So if it is not verifiable, then it probably is not true.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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