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Got your e-mail inviting me to join in on the fun that ya'll have on this forum.
Sorry to say if even just a few of your posters are like 223, I will not be returning.
Thanks again for the invite.

Shotgun Red
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While not perfect, most of us are not like that idiot. I hope he doesn't drive you away.

Dotn worry about him He calls himself andy, 223fan, unregistered, and will respond to just about anything. The biggest worry is looking around the posts that he cluuters up the page with. Dont look for sense, dont ask for courtesty, and dont take any of his advice, it could be fatal if not worse.
Why don't you just stop replying to him. I bet he gets just as much of a laugh at the people that reply to his bumb ass posts. This place has turned into lunch time at the jr high. I'm with you Red.....bout time to move on.

since u aint contributed a think, no loss

if you go. In fact, it'll be an improvement. 1-2 less ignorant bozos cluttering up the page.
Sorry GK, we need mature people who can contribute. Not people who have a junior high school mind like you.

Red and bucfan, I hope that you stay.

Actually if everyone stopped with the name calling, this would be a much better place to hang out. I don't have any idea how anyone responding with name calling thinks they are any better than the original poster. If there is only one person using name calling on this entire site, how do you think that one person would be perceived by EVERYONE else visiting this site?

This is NOT a "rocket science" level question here, folks! The only thing anyone has to go on about you is how they see you through your own words.
that's right, any can see who posts 90%

of the GUN info here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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