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(Star or Colt) and 400 ft lbs can be had, with some "extreme" efforts. The former just involves the "pulling" of 85 gr Winchester Silvertip jhp's from 380 ammo, and reloading them to 1260 fps, which is perfectly safe with the 50%greater safety factor of the locked breech action.

In order to get 400 ft lbs, you have to make a 50 gr, hollowbased,solid copper hp, and use the 9x18 JB case ( a shortened .38 Super case, left 1 mm longer than the 9x17 case of the 380) to drive the bullet to 1900 fps. that's the same speed, and 1/4 more bullet wt, than the .22 mag rifle offers. those who "think" that the .2 2mag rifle is a fine "shtf" survival rifle should be perfectly happy with the locked breech 380's power level. :) the .22 mag is 40 grs at 1900 fps in a rifle barrel.
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