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electronic sights have no place on shtf rifle,tho. Scope has some use, both for foraging and sniping, but mostly belongs in a hard belt case, for use as a substitute for binocs, because you should AVOID being in the open, in daylight. I favor used Leupolds, at no more than 25%of retail cost, usually found at gunshows and stripped off of a rifle there. The 2x7 Compact is the choice for the shtf CAR-15.
I'm also a fan of the low-power-variable compact Leupolds. For years, their 1-4X (really a 1.3-5.2X) shotgun scope with heavy duplex was my scope of choice for numerous guns, and it worked very well. I resisted red dot and other electronic sights for a lot of years, for the same reasons you don't like them. But when finally trying my first 'semi-serious' red dot - a Sparc AR - on timed drills, I found it was substantially faster than the 1X Leupold was. I didn't expect it and frankly wasn't happy about it, but the timer doesn't lie. I still like the little Leupolds and still have them on 3-4 guns, but not on my potential defensive-use gun or surrogate (cheaper caliber) 9mm training gun.

Durability-wise, there are a lot of electronic sight options that have literally decades of proven track record in very harsh-use environments, including war zones. Aimpoint, EoTech, Trijicon, and I'm sure others (Elcan maybe..?) as well. I only use one model of truly serious red dot, the Trijicon MRO. Only have three of them, all bought used after Trijicon came out with a new iteration and the "gotta have it first" crowd were selling off their previous-generation units to get the latest & greatest. I have absolutely as much confidence in them as I do in the little Leupold compact scope, plus they have the undeniable, measurable benefit of being faster to the first shot out to at least 50 yards. I've only had to change the battery in one of them that I recall; that was on the earliest-generation one and was after right at two years on setting 4 out of 7. There may or may not have been a second time I've replaced a battery in one; I honestly don't recall. Anymore I don't even turn them off, but leave them on setting 3 instead of four. Still waiting to have to change another battery, and just keep some batteries hanging on a screw on the wall nearby. (My main gun does have two spare batteries stored in it, as a 'just in case' kind of thing.)

Point being, I totally get why you don't like electronic sights. I put off trying them as well, for a lot of years. But when I finally bit the bullet and tried a good one on a timer, there was no disputing the advantages. For the same reasons that I finally (grudgingly) gave in and accepted the superiority of the .300BK cartridge for compact-gun use, I also gave in and accepted the close-range superiority of a good, modern red dot sight. You should try one sometime; they'll surprise you.
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