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the dummy. He said so in the '70's, 255 gr lfp, at a whopping 650 fps, 2 shots in 1 second. that's a whopping 230 ft lbs, 1/3rd of which is wasted on overpenetration of the chest. In the 60's, Star was offering their 6" long, 7 shot, 15 oz alloy framed DK 380, a locked breech gun that offered 6 hits in 1 second (at derringer type ranges, anyway) and 300 ft lbs per shot, if it was loaded properly. As in a hollowbased, 50 gr hp, made of copper rod on a lathe, at 1800 fps, which is 350 ft lbs, and no more recoil than hot 380 jhp's have. such jhp's are safe in blowback 380''s, and the locked breech of the Star adds about a 50% safety margin.

The .45 LColt derringer was larger, heavier, and MUCH slower into action, unsafe to carry, and very awkward to manipulate. That article by Elmer told me how little he knew about realistic ccw. He was a cowboy, and when he couldn't openly carry a .44 revolver,he was at a loss.

Which would you rather deliver, 2100 ft lbs in one second, or 330 ft lbs in 1 seconds hmm? Remember, 1/3rd of the .45 lfp's power exits the far side of the man. Timing to start with the first shot fired. 5 hits per second is not all that fast with a good SA auto, at all. Having to thumb cock a hammer, with a tiny gun butt to hold onto, and no trigger guard to help you control the gun, makes for bad fumbling when under lethal stress.
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