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ever fire 12 ga mag buckshot, in a room

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the size of a tyical house's kitchen, with no ear protection? The blast is SO bad, it nearly makes you drop the gun. I AINT kidding.
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10 ft, toe2toe, means 2" wide pattern

from buckshot, typical 20" riot barrel, 12 ga. No help at hitting the chest, compared to a rifle, and SLOWER to get that same hit than is a good pistol. So why bother with the pos, anyway?
u dont see me recommending a 308

EITHER Rich. The 223 is quite bad also. That's why a lot of Swat entry guys used CANNED 223's, or else use electronic ear muffs. The average guy should just use a 9mm Marlin carbinek, $300 used, not a shotgun, with Cor Bon's 100 gr powrball ammo in it (1600 fps, 550 ft lbs. The electronic muffs cost $150+, $250 in "sterio", so that you can hear where a sound CAME FROM. You also have to take the time to turn them "on" risk having low batteries, etc. A small, lw 223, short barrel, with a small lw "can" on it, and you are WAY ahead of the shotgun.

Basically, tho, you won't GET to any longarm in time, short of a riot or shtf. So a real pistol, real loads, and real abillity with it, plus real hand to hand skills, and body armor,are by far the most realistic answer to the "home defense' problem. Just WEAR the pistol. If it's too big and heavy to SLEEP while wearing, it's not a good choice, at all.
Joe Yablonsky had 12 ga under bed,

during UMW union troubles. 4 guys busted in windows and doors, shot him as he tried to bring it into play. So who says you will BE in the bedroom, dip[bleep]? Or even in the house, for that matter? you STAY in bedroom 24-7? Probably do, come to think of it.

Any body who knows guns knows that the pump action being racked means you are stupid enough to make noise, be one shot shy of a full load, and knows to fire thru the walls at you. :)
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