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Until I hit the magic age of 65, I had no problem shooting with age old iron sights. But in the last few years it is amazing how many of my firearms front sight are now wearing neon acrylic paint. Comments?
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Yeah, due to both health issues and environmental wear and tear my eyes ain't what they used to be.
Having 15/20 and above normal night vision in my youth compared to now I understand.
I'm reading and typing this with reading glasses.

And of the two 1903A3's I took to the range last week that I'm going to keep I'm going to maybe reinstall the front sight base that had a nickel silver front sight; if I can find it again. Or get a USMC front blade and place white out on the tip of the blade.
Almost every single self defense pistol has a while or tritium front sight for it.
Some rifles have the X/Sights white front blade.
I'm not a fan of a Tritium dot on a rifle front sight at all.

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Yeah, I remember how upset, somewhat depressed, and frustrated I became when I began to notice that my former extraordinary long range vision (and accuracy) began to decline.

One thing that has helped is annual eye exams, and tracking the progression of cataracts in my right eye. Even when I use a top quality scope I have to also wear glasses now. I can still shoot decent; but, at my current advanced age, I've had to accept that I'll never shoot again as accurately as I once did.

As my cardiologist once said to me, "Everybody gets old; and, eventually, dies from something!" I guess that as long as I don't contact 'spike proteins' from one of today's many 'shedders', and don't pass prematurely from any of the many complications associated with these god-damned forced 'vaccinations' then I am, in many ways, actually lucky!

I suppose that I should count my blessings, thank God for a normal life span, and just plain accept that continuing to breathe, continuing to live, means that you (and everybody else) are simply going to get older; and, over any course of time, every human body begins to fail.

I'm still pretty good with a pistol, though. With a handgun my proprioceptive reflexes do a lot of the aiming for me, and visual acuity isn't so important. Same thing can be said for close range moving targets with a shotgun. In these shooting sports, experience and conditioned reflexes count for a lot.

It's the long range rifle work that causes me to be the most frustrated. This was, once, my specialty; and old age is taking it away from me; but, again, annual eye exams, wearing eye glasses, and having an eye doctor monitor cataract development are important things to do in order to protect what remains of your eyesight.

Remember: Sooner or later everybody's body will begin to fail; and, again sooner or later, everybody dies鈥Everybody! Even the people who presently mandate these so-called 'Covid vaccination' death shots!

There are no 'free rides'. Ultimately, nobody gets away! Sooner or later each and every one of us is going to have to pay for his: avarice, cupidity, moral obtusion, and just plain outright spiritual stupidity!

Again, there are no 'free rides'. Human existence doesn't work like that!) ;)
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When I was in high school I had 20/15 vision, and never gave it much thought for a long time. Then when playing around with one of my sons probably 20 years ago or so, I put on his glasses as a joke, only to be stunned at how much clearer the world actually was when I had his glasses on. The failing had been so slow & gradual that I hadn't even noticed it. I have glasses now but don't wear them any more than I absolutely have to, because the more I wear them the more I depend on them.
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