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Fabulous devices

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Today I had the opportunity to examine and try out two new machines made for use by usually impaired folks.

One device was a small set of goggles that have a built-in TV camera. This device takes what the camera sees and can magnify it up to 16 times. It can also amplify the available light. A sliding lens on the front makes reading easy, too.

The other device looks like a TV-sized monitor mounted above a movable tray. The user places a book, photo, phone bill, or whatever on the tray. A TV camera on the underside of the monitor sees the item on the tray and it is displayed on the monitor. The monitor can magnify the image and show it in any one of many different color combinations selectable by the user.

The resolution of both of these devices was superb.
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It would be nice if those devices could be produced at a reasonable cost for those in need of them since not all people are covered by insurance.

RIKA, you will be happy to learn that they are getting more affordable every year.

Right now the goggles cost about $4000 and the reader costs about $1800. Look at camera, computer and flat screen TV prices for comparison. Soon these vision devices will be a fraction of their current costs.

Various support groups for the visually impaired help pay for these machines for poor people.
Thank you for the good news GB.

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