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Fancy Handgun Grips?

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This is just a fun thread.

I confess that I have a fetish ... for Stag grips. My 4 5/8 Ruger Blackhawk, the 45acp Colt LW Commander and the PPK/s 22 all wear stag. I just like the feel and it makes them look sooo sexy. My other personal handguns wear nice Walnut grips of different makes. I really like the Herrett Roper grips on my revolvers. Know that the rubber grips are so much more practical and absorb recoil and such - well maybe I'm just a romantic or something. Oh, please don't mention pearl (BARF!)

Anybody else out there like different and maybe impractical grip materials? I wonder if anybody likes Oosic? Melvin? :D

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My fetish is good ol' wood

I like the exotic hardwoods like cocobola, rosewood and tulipwood. The more unique the grain, the better.

Good thread!
I have a real thing for highly figured rosewood on blued guns, and Gabon ebony on stainless guns. Alternatives would be REAL Ivory on blued guns (particularly single action revolvers), or black laminate on stainless. I like contrast and detail on guns.
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