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This is just a fun thread.

I confess that I have a fetish ... for Stag grips. My 4 5/8 Ruger Blackhawk, the 45acp Colt LW Commander and the PPK/s 22 all wear stag. I just like the feel and it makes them look sooo sexy. My other personal handguns wear nice Walnut grips of different makes. I really like the Herrett Roper grips on my revolvers. Know that the rubber grips are so much more practical and absorb recoil and such - well maybe I'm just a romantic or something. Oh, please don't mention pearl (BARF!)

Anybody else out there like different and maybe impractical grip materials? I wonder if anybody likes Oosic? Melvin? :D

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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