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(that was timed, anyway) was at 7 yds, on an 18" x24" steel rectangle, was .58 second, from a speed rig that fully secured the gun. It was a Milt Sparks, muzzle forward rake Hackathorn special. Hand start was just off the gun butt, and a lucky one hand point got a hit. :)

However, I later averaged .63 second pretty regularly, at 5 yds, from hands at sides, in practice, going Weaver, but I used a better rig. The Hack Special interfered with getting my middle finger up against the trigger guard, so I had Bob Arganbright make me a similar one, but corrected that design flaw.

About this time, 1978, IPSC quit having Leatherslap matches, so I never got to show what I could do.
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