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favor a pocket pistol over a belt pc, if

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the pocket pc is adquately powerful and controlable. The 356 TSW Star is such a pistol. I'd just about rather have a M21 .22 pocket auto, set up as a kit gun, as a full size and wt 1911, loaded with ball. Almost, but not quite. I WOULD rather have the M21 rather than a 38 snub full of wadcutters, which many advocate. If all I am going to have is a bluff, it's going to be a bluff that's very accurate, having another use (trail gun) be cheap to practice with a lot, be "cannable", and lie a LOT flatter in the front pants pocket than any .38 revollver can. If I could handload for the .38 snub, I'd prefer it to the .22. It'd feature a 50 gr split nose bullet, at 2100 fps tho, not a silly 158 gr lhp at 800 fps.
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I would take a good quality .38 Spl snub over a hacked up Star, rechambered for .356 TSW any day. For that matter, I would an out-of-the-box Star 9mm over a hacked up Star, rechambered for .356 TSW any day. Blowing up Stars for a negligable gain is not bright.

A .38 snub has several advantages in a survival situation:

1) .38 Spl is commercially loaded and available.

2) .38 revolvers can use shotshells to take small animals. There is no such thing as a .356 TSW shotshell.

3) A quality .38 snub will last for thousands of rounds without parts breakage. A Star, rechambered for .356 TSW might last 400 shots before impersonating a grenade. :bomb:

A .356 TSW is hotter than 9mm proof loads. How smart is it to use them in a pistol (Star) that is not even rated for 9mm+P?
so what? you are too ignorant and lazy

to handload bullets that you've had laying around for 6months, cause you dont WANT to know just HOW wrong you ARE about such things. :) Regardless of how "relaible" a 38 snub, is, with readily available ammo, it's just a bluff, and it's very very hard to control adequately with any ammo that has any real power, and is commercially available. It's not cannable, it's not a .22, and it looks like you've got a potato in your pants pocket.
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