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favorite tool

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the most useful tool i have is a pair of klein scissors. what say you?
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Are we talking klein as in brand name or klein = German word for small? I like my Swiss Army knife and Leatherman tool.

if frequency of use is the standard, then my pocketknife wins hands down. The tool that saves me the most time and effort is the Dremel, by far.
zombo, are you talking about the electrician style snips? These things can do just about anything!


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I'd say the Leatherman Wave followed by the Dremel.
My favorite tool?


Most useful?

Swiss Army Knife
I adree with RIKA. I too like my Swiss Army knife and Leatherman tool. It"s a hard combination to beat.
the electrician's scissors although i haven't seen that style. i carry them in my back pocket. they make a lether pouch for them that also holds a skinning knife. they will cut about anything. once you start carrying them you will use them more and more.

leatherman super tool , totally 'lost ' with out it !!! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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