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Female CCW's N Frame 357 in summer

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I was pulling stuff out of the safe for tomorrow's range outing when I came across Dad's 3in N frame 357. Thinking about GK, I wondered if I could get away carrying it. I pulled out my knit shirt and placed the revolver under the belt, inside my jeans and behind my right hip bone. The smooth Skeeter Skelton Bear Hug grips didn't dig into me uncomfortably and I could sit and move without a problem. I didn't have a holster but it felt secure against my bare skin. The outside shirt broke up the outline so I decided to carry it to lunch with me and then go shopping. I visited the bar-b-que place and then went to Walmart and the food store. I was a little self conscious carrying it but nobody gave me a second glance as far as the gun went. I was kind of surprised that it went so well and even happier to prove GK wrong. I just had to re-oil the revolver when I got home.

Was the 357 loaded? You bet it was.

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Would this be considered "Mexicanette Carry"? ;)

BTW, there's an article in the current issue of the NRA's "Woman's Outlook" that has a great article on CCW for women. There were some good recommendations on holsters for women, and I thought I might just pass 'em along. One holster mentioned that is contoured for women and, from the photo, appears to be mighty good at concealment was the "Nancy Special" from Mitch Rosen. From the picture, it looks like it would carry your revolver fairly high (cylinder at belt level), no cant, and leaning in a bit so that the grip would be right against your body just below the ribs. This is an OWB holster though. There's also a Blade-Tech shown, though, that has these features but is FBI canted and IWB. Unfortunately the model is not named.


Mitch Rosen Nancy Special
"Lard lips"???? Rika, where on EARTH did you come up with THAT one?

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