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Filipinos hunted Jap "holdout" for 25 YEARS,

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never did find him. they had to TALK him into surrendering. :) He had 3-4 buddies first 12 years or so, then 1-2 buddies for another batch of years. He was only alone for 18 months or so. However,he had no silencer,no autoloader, no modern camping gear, and had to deal with the horrors of a jungle. 12 months of hiding out, moving a little bit at night (as the Jap did) in a TEMPORATE area is a pc of cake by comparison. Within a year, of shtf, 90-99% of US population will be DEAD,(or some sort of order will have either evolvedor been-imposed) so if you've made it that long, you will be free to have small, hidden, scattered garden plots. They will take a huge load off of the survivalist,as will not having to worry about millons of people looking to kill him.From there,it will be even MORE of a pc ofcake,actually. Surviving the FIRST MONTHor TWO of shtf will be the hard part. Millons will last that long, by preying on lifestock, game,dogs, etc, and they will be both desperate and ruthless,still have the sort of armament that makes virtually anyone a very serious threat.
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So much for NEEDING a semi-auto, suppressed pistol-with-a-buttstock. . .
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