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some VERY simple smithing. Pick up a HandiRifle (New England arms, used to be Harrington & Richardson) used, in 223,for $150. Remember, this gun is based upon a single shot SHOTGUN, altered to be a rifle. So the trigger pull and locktime SUCK, big time. So what you have to do is drill lightnening holes into the sides of the hammer, cut off the hammer spur, til you can just barely cock it., and eitherget lighter powerd springs from Wolf Gun Springs, or cut 1-2 coils off of the factory spring. If you do the latter, get a replacement spring FIRST, test fire it, and do the cutting on THAT spring, not the "proven good" original mainspring. :)

locate the place on the frame where you can drill and tap it for an allen head screw, to stop "overtravel" of the trigger, once it's released the hammer. This step is a HUGE help in getting hits, anytime youdont have a bench rest from which to fire.

Now, drill a tiny hole into the hammer's full cock notch, and install a pin inthat hole, with friction fit and Red Loctite. grind, then file enough off of the pin that the sear will BARELY catch on the hammer. continue filing a bit off of the pin, reinstalling the hammer and checking to see if you can "push off" the hammer, with stiff thumb pressure on the hammer spur, making the hammer drop to "fire" the gun. Keep filing until this no longer occurs, even WITH gun oil on the full cock notch.

Now, instead of a creepy, heavy, trigger, with slow lock time and overtravel, you will have a crisp, no overtravel pull, about half as much effort reuired to fire it, and about 30% less lock time before the hammer actually impacts the firing pin.

Doing this will cut your groups about in HALF, any time you dont have a sandbagged bench rest to fire from.l

Find a used, 6x or 3x9 Leupold, one of the lower cost models, preferably with rings, and get themounts for the H &R single shot $100 should suffice easily, and often times,guys will sell you such a scopeandrings, at gunshows, for $50-$60,taking it right off of a used rifle that they are trying to sell.
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