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Firearm identification.

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I am trying to identify a rifle recently acquired. It is a falling block action activated by a thumb hole type lever under the action. The bore appreas to be in the 35 to 38 cal range. It has a 1" diameter octogon barrel, 24" long, and is a breech loading cartridge gun.
On the top of the barrel is the name R or P. LAWRENCE, with a pat date of FEB, 15, 1859. There is a tang target type peep sight, a sliding scale sight on the top of the barrel, and an adjustable, for windage, front sight with a hood. It has a pistol grip and a steel butt plate. There is no serial number.
If anyone could provide any info on this rifle, I would be very appreciative.. I can be reached at 203-484-2667 if anyone has any additional questions. Thanks.
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R.S.Lawrence made rifles under a patent agreement for Sharps in the 1850's. Your's sounds like it could be a Lawrence barrel or rifle of the 1859 Model Sharps New Model Carbine.
np, i hope it is a Sharps, but there were very many offshoots of those older guns especially due to civil war. reguardless it is an historical firearm and good luck with it.
hey john, couldn't find anyhting solid on the Lawerence company. i do believe there is some sort of hisory site for the C. Sharpes company on the internet somewhere. maybe that could help. If it was produced for use during the civil war or just before for civilian sale then there may not be any record of who made it. good luck.
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