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Firearms community can be pretty small.
Even smaller thanks to the internet.
But to the point. When I was up in Neosho getting my Ruger MKII sighted in and rechecking the zeros on a couple of rifles.
I spied something hauntingly familiar about a rifle walking past the 50yard range up to the 100yd one. So I stopped and had a chat about it with it's owner and what caught my attention.
The rifle in question was a Swiss K-31. Pretty nice but run of the mill.
Except the front and rear sights, 😎.
That's what snapped me back 20 some years ago to this site, Patriot Network, Assault Web and and a certain family.
I talked to the gentleman about their products. And sadly of the old man's passing. And I hope his son successfully keeping things going.
Stuff like this makes me regret selling out all my milsurp rifles several years ago and drifting away from the surplus forums.
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