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Firearms Retention Techniques

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These are a good thing to pracice for the times when an unarmed assailent attempts to take away your firearm. I have had a few peoploe try, but they were never succcesful at it. One did manage to bite my arm on the bicep when he realized he wasn't getting the gun. He got a good and quite legal whooping for that. Basically it was a combination of unarmed techniques, retention techniques and a bit of martial arts that saved me in that case.

Another time it was five (5) assailants at once who tried to get it from me. To this day I am not exactly sure how I held onto except that I fought like I knew my life depended upon it. Whatever I did, I did it right and it saved my life. My guess is that if I had not been trained in firearms retention I would not be here today.

I put this in this forum because when retaining your firearm you are in essence involved in hand to hand combat.

Best regards,
Glenn B
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this stuff is mostly bs.I mean, you were ALREADY so slow, inept and stupid as to let an enemy grab your gun, or be close enough to do so, and now you are going to use your superb"ability" to get BACK in control,right? Wrong.
can't face the TRUTH about things,eh? The FACT is,someone swift and skilled enough to get BACK a gun is someone who'd never have lost the advantage in the first place.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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