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with rifle, scope, sandbagges. Say you have a Savage lever action. Say the groups are 1.5" at 100 yds, and you have them centered 1-2" high at that range. That means that your bullets will strick 2-4" low at 200 yds, depending upon your bullet type and load. I'd suggest a 150 gr Nosler Partition softpoint, for its proven ability to expand, but also hold together and penetrate well.

1.5" groups at 100 yds do NOT mean 3" groups at 200 yds. They typically mean 4-5" groups at 200 yds. 4" groups at 200 yds do NOT necessarily mean you can hit a 4" mark at that range, either. Often, due to "canting" the rifle a bit, wind, or mirage, your entire 4" group will be off to one side of the 4" mark. At 300 yds, this effect is MUCH worse, too.
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