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Fitting ejector to M21 Beretta is tricky, PITA

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but so is making the safety usable on a Smith 2214. The safety on the Phoenix HP22 is nearly as bad a deal. It's pot metal, so there's no just "adding on" a lever, extending rearward, to make it fall naturally under the ball of the thumb, while you have a proper firing grip on the gun. So the HP's safety has to be made from scratch, out of steel, and after careful fitting, it has to have its sear contact area case hardened, using the Torch and the Kasenite powder.
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Why mess with that stuff when there's far better made weapons?
Why indeed?
Ever hear of a 'sucker for punishment'? (Thanks Dad)

The little beretta's do fine without an ejector and the 4422 safety is fine if you are not lazy and ingorant on how to use it. I guess some people, ok one, is just to ingnorant to know when something needs work or not.
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