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FN FAL Heavy barrel 308 Win Match rifle

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New rifle some marks on gas tube and barrel from folded bipods. Test fired only 3 rounds years ago. This model has all the options available. Rare hard to find in new condition that will continue to increase in value. Belgium made, imported by Steyr. Comes with two new mags and as pictured. And of course, All FFL rules apply, money orders/cashiers checks only.


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Interested in trading corn snakes for that beauty?? I would even get off of a pair of Butter Stripes towards it.......

I've been wanting one of these models. :lick:
I would even get off of a pair of Butter Stripes towards it.......
:eek2: Rich, I'm going to have to test the profanity blocker!
Why? What did I do wrong? :confused:
I posted that for my father along with all those others except for the Bushmaster. His internet skills are severly limited. He's lucky just to get things listed on gunbroker and

Oh, and he hates And besides, where would I put all those snakes anyways?..lmao Now if there was a snow boa or a trio of proven DH Snow's in the mix, I might be able to get it out of him as an investment..hehe :idea:
Why? What did I do wrong?
I was referencing the fact that you were willing to part with some Butter Stripes. I'd go buy a FAL to get in on that deal! Like Dennis said, that's investment grade merchandise!
Rich, I just checked your site and wow! I had no idea about the butter stripes. Shows you how much I know about corns, which is You only have 4? You the only one to produce them?
I have already sold a pair of them, and did not intend to sell another this year. I believe I am the only one offering any for sale (and actually it would only be in a VERY limited circumstance - such as for a Belgian made FAL rifle). Otherwise I would just as soon keep them myself. But I can always make more next year, which I can't do with a rifle like this....

CAV, this could be a three step transfer, it wouldn't matter to me as long as I got the gun.
Still available Rich and going to the show this weekend..:D
That would be the Mesa, Centennial Hall show? Out of my $ range, but luck. Might make Sun.
Sigh, Thomas, I wish you were into Corn Snakes. The show we did up in Tinley Park last weekend was fair, but not enough so that I can buy that FAL. Darn it.
Anodes - Yup, the Mesa show.

Rich - That sucks. If it was up to me I would be very tempted but I did mention the offer to my father and well, he just doesn't see the value in investment quality snakes. And to tell you the truth, the gun shows here haven't been all that great for higher end firearms so we will probably still have
Hmm, maybe I could put a pair of Butter Stripe Corns up on the auction board to try to drum up the money.

Heck, I wonder what I could get for a pair of Opal Motleys? I did get a few of them this year. And I don't believe I have ever seen anyone selling any of them.
Rats......... :crying:
The bidder is newly registered and has no feedback father is not holding his breath. It may still be available.
As suspected, dead beat bidder. It's still available Rich. ;)

Hey, I've got a doctor asking me about Opal corns. Maybe I can get here to buy those Opal Motleys of mine. I think I took the ad down from one of my websites thinking the gun was gone.

Anyway sorry about the deabbeat buyer. Hope I can do something about getting it.

Hey, Dennis. I'm probably going to be putting a very high profile domain name of mine up on an auction board soon.


So there's a possibility that this will bring in enough for me to be able to buy that gun. Actually it will likely bring in quite a bit of money, because someone has already offered to buy it outright for quite a tidy sum. But I promised my wife I would buy here a new pickup truck and I may be able to use this to finally fulfull that promise to her. So that would have to have my highest priority.
LOL, I can see a certain someone squirming right now..:D :D And I know all about taking care of the wife first..:laugh: Anyways, you are the only one that has shown any real interest in it AND that could actually come up with the money for it. So it'll be here for you. No guarantees but I'll ask my father to hold it for you. He's in no real hurry to sell it.
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