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although, i only ran 69rds. threw it to day, [from the design/out of pocket cost, one coudn't ASK/EXPECT ANYTHING BETTER!!

i missed the first beer bottle at 50'[with the first rd.]but it was 3 for 3 after the first shot.

then streched it out to 50yds, on a tree snag, not bad at all!

it really SHINED at 200 yards,across a canyon on a barrelhead catcus!

[compared to [6] mags. ran threw my s/w [email protected]]

i wish i could have over come my aversion to these little commie pistols alot sooner than i did!

i never found the exact adobe home site i was looking for, hence the whites 6000 metal detector was never broken out/assembled[that will be another jaunt]

i'd like to add seeing a half dozen jackrabbits, [4] mule deer [2] does [2]
6POINT bucks,western count[still in velvet, but nice to know there's still some nice ones around] and [1] skunk, every body was smiled and waved at[free pass]

and one white man zeroing in a .222 bolt, we drank a beer together/talked guns/history of the a.o ,it was cool! we 'EYED' each other hard at first , him with a glock#22 strapped on an me packin' also.

MISS COLLEEN AND I, were in the las guluas mts.[north of arivaca]

took the run past RUBY ghost town to I-19 nogales, back to 'T' town

thanks!, [there is a cave/caves in that mtn. i've been wanting to hump up to for years, i think she's game, as it would be a 2to3 day foray to go and back, we didn't have the gear, today]

all in all, my brand new 34 year old makarov with 69 rounds threw it is a


i spent a couple of hours yesterday looking for spare mags for that little makarov, no luck! i did however buy [$20] a 1942cww german holster black in color,NEW! i soaked it in hot water to break down the quartermast then oiled it heavy, the makarov molded perfectly to it.[it's got the nazis stamp, then WaA153 under the bird.] i've seen /had a german .32 auto bring back
pistol as a kid and it looks real similar[the stampings on the pistol/ on this new holster]

yes! the gun has 'extra' class NOW!
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