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Shipping Terms: We ship handguns by USPS Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation. We charge standard shipping fee of $20 for the first ordered
flare gun, and $7.50 for each additional one. The
above rates are valid only in the continental USA. International shipping is available at the cost. We take We also accept Western Union and Money Gram transfers.
Model, Price, Number & Pictures Imperial Russian Berdan M.II Infantry Rifle

DESCRIPTION: Very impressive Imperial Russian infantry bolt action rifle designed by US Army General Hiram Berdan. The rifle was patented in USA
in 1870, and was adopted as a service weapon by only two states, Russia and Bulgaria. At the time, Berdan II was among the most powerful service rifles in the World. The rifle was manufactured in Izhevsk in 1881, as indicated by markings on the barrel and receiver. Berdan rifles were still in use during the World War One, as a secondary weapon. Many Berdans were captured by
Austro-Hungarians and Germans, and consequently, were reissued to their armed forces. There is a fading cartouche on the right side of the stock.
The cartouche displays a date , "1881" and an Imperial Russian Double Headed Eagle. There are also some other, smaller Russian markings and stamps in the lower part of the stock. The receiver displays Imperial Russian Double Headed Eagle and Cyrillic letters, "PK". Mismatched serial numbers. Different serial numbers are stamped on the barrel, bolt and buttplate. No serial numbers are present on all the remaining parts, which is correct for this model of rifle. The rifle comes with the cleaning rod, which is not original for this model. The rod does not engage properly in the stock. CONDITION: Overall, in NRA antique fine condition. The stock is solid, with some usual handling marks, light dings and scratches. Original finish on the stock. The markings are fading, but still partially visible on the stock. No cracks in the wood. The forestock and butt stock show two holes for Russian style sling swivels. Metal parts have about 78% of original thin blue finish, with a balance either in white, or in brown patina. Most of the blue wear is on the trigger guard and on the barrel bands. Some scattered light patina on the buttplate. No pitting. Bore is in excellent condition, with very strong and shiny rifling. The action is strong. Nice example of Berdan rifle! Serial# 1060XX. (For a correct socket bayonet, please add $695).

Imperial Russian Berdan M.II Infantry Rifle
Caliber: 10.67 x 58 mm, rimmed
Price: $1170
Inventory # arc_0384
If you are interested in buying this gun contact: [email protected]

Colt Tool Room Prototype Berdan M. I Rifle

DESCRIPTION: One of the kind Colt manufactured Berdan M.I rifle! The gun seems to be a tool room prototype manufactured only for testing of the Berdan M. I action. Perhaps, the rifle took part in the comparison trials against Snider. The rifle was most likely converted from percussion Enfield "two band" rifle to breech loading configuration in late 1860-s. Similar rifle was listed in the Enfield Pattern Room Catalog under the number RB 154. The front sights were probably never installed on the barrel, as the muzzle has still visible machining marks, and is lacking the final polish. English proof marks, "Crown over P", and "Crown over V" are stamped on the barrel. Various tool room numbers are stamped on all parts of the action. Two steel barrel bands with brass furniture (butt plate, trigger guard & nose cap). CONDITION: Condition of the rifle is fine, with finish on metal turning to pleasing light patina. Perfect, crisp action. Nice smooth stock, with few handling marks. Small, 1.75 inch hairline surface crack on the left side of the stock, between the barrel bands. Stock does not have any markings and seems to be in original finish. Bore is in excellent condition, with strong rifling. Complete with the cleaning rod. Very scarce! Overall length is 52 inch. Barrel length:32.5 inch.

Colt Tool Room Prototype Berdan M. I Rifle
Caliber: .577, rimmed
Price: $2475
Inventory # arc_0082
If you are interested in buying this gun contact:
[email protected]
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